The Symbol of Death…The Mask of Deceit

The mask of death is fear

Clothed in anxiety depression

And the citizens of the world are scared to death

And the only significant death is pandemic style

Deeply imprinted in the minds of the schooled but not educated

Thinking void non existent

Moving along with the crowd to controlled destiny unknown

The savior of life has become the mask

While the aged are lonely and confused alone

Transitioning in isolation while loved ones flounder in personal fear

Indecisive afraid of their own demise disguised

While others have become outcast like those who self deport to the homeland

Exhausted from the effort of saving life yet facing cultural death

And the “experts” and “leaders” frolic in tyrannical authority

What is truth in the narrative always suspect like fake news

Does anyone anybody any entity know truth fact reality

And the herd ridicule deride among themselves in hostile encounter of compliance

Behavior capitalized across boundaries of the privileged the elite

What are the lies inconsistencies

What of the scientists of breached data and the real scientific process

Those who wear the mask of destructive control

The symbol of death

The mask of deceit

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