False Narratives


The false narrative of the past continues to crumble

The dominant lies exposed from the evil captors of the gentle and vulnerable

Vulnerable souls being enlighten awaken to wisdom of minds of freedom calling

Wisdom unfolding by radical minds with poignancy

Vengeance against the devils of corruption by sacred souls for undeniable retributive justice

The darkest hours brighten only seconds in the span of time

The strength of faceless presence weakening in fearful destruction by truths told

The eroded hearts of the thoughtless characterless

The eroded hearts of the thoughtless demons exposed

The heartless enemy of love truth and equality

The sickly pleasures of hedonism and greed

The trapped in slave mentality the consequence of not knowing oneself

Emotional intellectual energy derived from the deepest areas of one’s inner sanctum

Confronting the systems of power that marginalize

Corporatist wit and systems celebrities prostituting intelligence

The resistance to knowledge that jeopardizes freedom and life itself

The power confidence of experience

The incapability of leadership the destruction of mankind

The absence of ethics unjust legalities

Cancelled rebuked on trial

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