Better Than Yesterday

Ignorance the seed of fears

Becomes the anxiety of psychic fantasy 

Ignited by untruths shortcomings limited knowledge

Caged entrapped stagnant minds

Dismissive reluctance to reality

Defiance untouched information 

Cluttered mental states

Shallow perspectives

Minds manipulated drugged by media

The evils of draconian intrusion 

Strong handed coercion soliciting to control

Sick desires to rule and dictate

Good versus evil

Urgency to protect life and the sustenance of planet world

Explore the minds of genius scholarly theorist with curious gentle kindness

Connect the heart to the soul

The spiritual world of cleansing 

Pattern life with love and the emulation of kindred souls who do good in the world

Those whose virtues values relate to the sacredness of mankind

Guide direct thoughts with heartfelt missions in service to others

Truth love liberty

Where thinking placed today will make this day better than yesterday

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