About Me

Welcome to my world!

I’m an educator with a maniacal passion for academic professionalism!

I earned a BS in Journalism and Spanish in the land of OZ many years ago. Late in life I decided that I was smart enough to pursue an MA .Completed that endeavor in Education/Curriculum and Instruction. Now I’m seeking a sponsor to pursue a doctorate in whatever area the world needs more of! Suggestions are welcomed!

For the past two centuries I’ve been more of a listener than a contributor to great conversations. I’ve witnessed a few enlightening moments having served on educational regional and national boards, and various scholarly committees from Las Vegas to China.  For years I’ve been altering the minds of both young and old in the classroom. However, some of the greatest moments of teaching have been in the streets, on airplanes, crowded busses and atop graffiti- laden over passes.

I “belong” to everything!  In college I did, so nothing has changed in that aspect. Key organizations include: ASCD…Learn.Teach.Lead, ACTFL, SWCOLT, and NADSFL.

My best friends are books and neckties. Everything non-fiction finds a place in my home along side a collection of diverse neckwear, at least one for every day of the year. I also enjoy sharing and opining about things I know about and bluffing my way around within those areas of which I know very little.

In spare time I play the piano, write old- fashioned love poems, or labor methodically penning Unconscious Incompetence, my first book scheduled for completion in 2020.

Anyway, I’m anxious to let you know what runs through my mind as I observe the antics of crazed politicians, disconnected educators, and dysfunctionals in general.  Yep, it’s a mad and maddening world and I’m inside looking outward!

I look forward to your comments and observations.

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