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How Do You Know



How much do you know about what you should know

How do you know what you know

When did you discover what you know

How long have you known what you know

With whom do you share what you know

Who listens to you about what you know

How much do you know about what you know

Is what you know credible

How does what you know affect the lives of others

When was the last time you updated what you know

Where do you go to find out more about what you know

Who knows more about what you know than you know

How many do you know who know more than you know

Who do you know who knows as much as you know

When do you think about what you know

What is the basic source of what you know

Is what you know transformative transformational

Are you sure of what you know

How do you know

Art: Michael Rodriquez sculpture photo

Not Who I Want to Be


“I’m not who I want to be,” you know

My journey not clear the destination

Sometimes indifferent. . . so much to divide to separate

The chaos of choices not my own

The dreams the fantasies unfulfilled

Escaping through laughter and fun times opaque

Music to my ears so soothing even the thunder

The voices of authority hard times responsibilities

Distant friendships longing for presence

The brotherly love far away in the land of the freedom

The bonds of sharing so intimate melancholy memories

Soft touches and sweet embraces of feminine beauty

To love or not to trap and grasp the mind in natural desire

A heart so big so strong for humanity

And the year of the decade for maturity arises

Giving rhythmic cadence to independence

Options for freedom choices

Blended Jungle…Earth

The jungle mentality of possessing the world

Oceans run freely from continent to continent

Flowing streams winding rivers back to the ocean

Human elements granulated sifted back into the earth

Land masses hidden far beneath the depths of infinity

Rotating axis spinning slowly constantly

People spinning out of control roaming aimlessly

So many without purpose and heart broken

Pain and forced transformation

Peace seeking desperate destinations

Beautiful cultures through many tongues spoken

Once inhabited empty spaces ugly rubble           

Emotional balance lost healing wounds deeply scarred

Souls out of sync displaced fragile

Hearts cautiously protected hidden in hopeless dreams

Life imbalances the future swallowed to the earth

Swirling whirlpools and sink holes

And the land and the sea come home