Standing in the light of nature

All things reflected without perfection

And the irregularity and likeness within all living creatures displayed brightly

They shine breathe grow within the elements and richness of the earth

Air water and the fire of sunshine warm the days into the coolness of night

Conflicts in nature blend with beauty in subtle caution to the human species

Precious are the days of life that touch the existence of man

Life reflected in simple kindness and love

The awareness of abundance realized

The universe viable through eternity to the end of all living things

Love and light are limitless boundaries to the coexistence of harmony 

Grace touches and forever connects and equates all mankind

Thanks be to the origins and universal wisdom of peacemakers

The tireless souls that strengthen the faith and survival of the weak

All reflected in soft majestic presence mirrored calmly

Quieting the mind in meditative state of godly manifestation  

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