Inhuman States


The many faces of the world’s States ugly in diverse description

Collectively festering diseased in acute terminal atrocity

Supported by brainwashed societies in pathetic darkness

Bipolar psychopathic leadership politicized and polarizing its people

The wisdom and teachings of the great masters in history forgotten unknown

The irony of the constant strife of a land less than holy

Schizophrenic nightmares from sleeping with the enemy repeatedly

Prostituting its citizens in war through half-truths lies that murder and maim

Minus any conscience of control and obedience

Allegiance to power unsettling

The privileged controlling and abusing the disabled and vulnerable

Twisted minds and elevated stature of ugliness that pits good against evil

Selfish riches who game one another for sport and ego centered authority

Planting self-edifying statues in glorification seeking ventures

No penance to the loyal patrons for dirty work accomplished unscathed

The people revolution must unite and prevail through truth mindful empowerment

A strong belief in the human spirit

Skills that respect attract foster gratitude for humanity with magnetism and contagion

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