Broken Dark Societies

Ageism and the passive and blind apathy against the vulnerable

Youth venerated some smart yet immature from empty childhoods

Blind ignorance toward the children nutritionally abused and neglected

Social engineering governments versus corporations

But the people forgotten through high political maneuvering

Elite status quo entities organizations that recognize only those who are somebody

Separating ignoring forgetting those who are nobody

Bigoted ignorance impervious minds

Empty of personal thought and challenge unsubstantiated bias beliefs

Adhering to the rhetoric and lies of the rich and infamous

Believing those with false shallow confidence

Those who know very little about what they speak

Media news devouring simple weak minds like vultures that prey on dead flesh

Selective hearing never exploring the personal capacity of one’s own mind

Beheaded “patriots” terrorists racists and plain craziness

Some capturing hearts souls

Others sympathetic empathetic or revengeful

Civility drowned in anger madness fear threating all life

Great thinkers with ideas struggle for effective voice influence

Ethical behavior floundering through corrupted systems

Painting dismal portraits extending across the global landscape

The gateway to salvation the revolution

Peaceful composite of exemplary stellar individualism

Thwarting distorted perceptions begging to be unlearned

The fight for transformation

 And redirection of global decadence toward peaceful coexistence

Will the new power with mass participation and peer coordination rescue life existence

Might the time have arrived for total destruction of a sick civilization beyond repair

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