Beautiful Vibrations


The smile the laughter

A teasing nature from the heart

Full of life to the delight of friends

Eyes that capture the sweetness of romance

And the lofty spirit of genuine character

Thoughts of love on hold for days ahead

Full time task and devious interludes delight and entertain

Beautiful vibrations that attract and captivate

Men, women like children’s play

The child from within always fresh expressed with enthusiasm

Sun up to sun down to exhausted slumber

The brightness of the soul illuminates with grace

But looks of assurance disclaim unhappy suitors

Looks that impale what love might be

Love you tomorrow but not today but always in time

Doubt seldom shadows the brightness of a handsome soul

Beautifully self-sufficient free and inspiring

With energy like fire water and the air of the earth

Presence vibrantly colorful

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