So Many Wars

On the many faces of slavery

On truth on love on humanity

Feeling the pain of hearts gone awry

Struggling fiercely to survive the age-old challenges

Bigotry bias conscious and hidden

Desperate to find solace

Looking for balance structures for coalescence

The path to thrive and persevere

All that is right wronged

All perpetuated by the emotionally incompetent

“Schooled” but not educated

Herd mentality like big birds in flight

Minds unexposed shut down

Manipulated crumbled and controlled submissive

Blinded in unexplored willful hate

Assembly line existence aimless and apathetic to human suffering

Floundering unconsciously unenlightened illiterate

The religious right the “hypocritical display of virtue”

Righteous twisted in fraudulent doctrine

Corrupt divisive political

Spirituality the purity of mankind evaporated

Life unlike the Creator intended

Servant Leaders


They write books

They read each other’s books

They read other’s books

They travel the world

They meditate

They inspire

They motivate

They transform lives

They entertain

They are the servant leaders

Holistically abundant

Challenge to Resilience


There are those on the planet whose resilience is forever challenged

Always in mental turmoil synergy at bay

Under celebrated

The heavy passion for life with vision for positive and sustainable existence

They are the visionary and logical thinkers

Those who understand the great masters of the universe

And the authority of human existence

Those who see man’s self-destruction

Those who face frustration from mediocre minds

And the psychopaths 

While the herd remains in states of bliss

Reality buried deeply in hedonism and denial

Suffering unintended consequences through unconscious presence

Yet to be awaken

And the resilient forge ahead unremittingly

Even as the seasons fade into one


To Liam Scheff, seeker of truth, dedicated and relentless soul…

Saturday, March 18, 2017