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Standing in the light of nature

All things reflected without perfection

And the irregularity and likeness within all living creatures displayed brightly

They shine breathe grow within the elements and richness of the earth

Air water and the fire of sunshine warm the days into the coolness of night

Conflicts in nature blend with beauty in subtle caution to the human species

Precious are the days of life that touch the existence of man

Life reflected in simple kindness and love

The awareness of abundance realized

The universe viable through eternity to the end of all living things

Love and light are limitless boundaries to the coexistence of harmony 

Grace touches and forever connects and equates all mankind

Thanks be to the origins and universal wisdom of peacemakers

The tireless souls that strengthen the faith and survival of the weak

All reflected in soft majestic presence mirrored calmly

Quieting the mind in meditative state of godly manifestation  

Beautiful Vibrations


The smile the laughter

A teasing nature from the heart

Full of life to the delight of friends

Eyes that capture the sweetness of romance

And the lofty spirit of genuine character

Thoughts of love on hold for days ahead

Full time task and devious interludes delight and entertain

Beautiful vibrations that attract and captivate

Men, women like children’s play

The child from within always fresh expressed with enthusiasm

Sun up to sun down to exhausted slumber

The brightness of the soul illuminates with grace

But looks of assurance disclaim unhappy suitors

Looks that impale what love might be

Love you tomorrow but not today but always in time

Doubt seldom shadows the brightness of a handsome soul

Beautifully self-sufficient free and inspiring

With energy like fire water and the air of the earth

Presence vibrantly colorful

Stubborn Ignorance


The source for sadness is insurmountable

And the ever increasing fate of impending mortality heightens

The initial conscious awakening to the comforts of death

Invisible indelible inevitable persecution upon the deeply weaken downtrodden

Where does alone originate within the human spirt

Alone in the streets to circumstance

Alone feeling lonely at the top in thought or opinion

Confronted with the tireless stubborn ignorance of status quo minds

Where mediocrity takes refuge in cowardice

And indifference trumps the “radical” thinker’s pilgrimage

While the scars of inequity of the poor and the vulnerable bleed fester linger

Seated deeply in the psyche of the comfortable and privileged

The unchallenged belief systems that curry favor to stagnant behavior

Impacted mind sets by the voices of others

Never reading never thinking never growing needless suffering

Stubborn ignorance

And who will rescue the veterans the sick the maimed war stressed

And wondering among the homeless and vulnerable to the land

And the aged contained within the bounds of poverty drugged to sustain longevity

Still the passive followers unaffected by reality stand firm with animosity

Contentment reins among the elite the distracted the rich

Among those dwell the thoughts of an also-ran whose time has come

Where does life turn for the restless and tired in the battle for justice equality

How to escape the psychopathic behaviors that embody and control

How might personal circumstance bind and imprison superficial pause

The cries in anguish and frustration at mind boggling evidence

Corruption and manipulation of the thoughtless and uninformed rise in numbers

Heads buried deeper than the ostrich

Freedom only comes from the people enlighten people involved

Those who stand solid in collective resistance for unwavering truth

Those who feel the destruction of the land

Those who live by integrity and human kindness

Those who know the love and taste the faith of humanity despite hapless frustration

And those who die for truth bringing meaningful engagement for change

The world in chaos cries desperately through Mother Nature

Appealing to God and all gods for redemption resolution

In reflection all seem unyielding to the sins of man out of control

Only the role models of living life that reflects love for humanity will save the world