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Challenge to Resilience


There are those on the planet whose resilience is forever challenged

Always in mental turmoil synergy at bay

Under celebrated

The heavy passion for life with vision for positive and sustainable existence

They are the visionary and logical thinkers

Those who understand the great masters of the universe

And the authority of human existence

Those who see man’s self-destruction

Those who face frustration from mediocre minds

And the psychopaths 

While the herd remains in states of bliss

Reality buried deeply in hedonism and denial

Suffering unintended consequences through unconscious presence

Yet to be awaken

And the resilient forge ahead unremittingly

Even as the seasons fade into one


To Liam Scheff, seeker of truth, dedicated and relentless soul…

Saturday, March 18, 2017

When Love Looks the Other Way

img_1615 The hopes the dreams the fantasy of romance

Perhaps searching for truth fades toward eternity

Life hurts deeply in loneliness even in laughter

Love friendship gratitude blessings beyond what others suffer

Severely stained within their own hidden world

The thoughts of detachment and the emptiness

Yet still seems to attract captive interest in wisdom shared

Romantic love and bonding eludes outside interest

Ambivalent desire for silent smooth death to save face

Passing into the unknown to null the void

Where does the strength of hope and strong faith store themselves

The hope and faith that escapes routinely

The mindset that not loved or lovable

In the way that love connects and displays itself in others

Holding hands embracing shared feelings mutual warm caring

Walking through life together in states of bliss

And the forgiving times of challenging compromise

Engaging in mutual togetherness

The joy and pleasure to life in partnership

Where are the feelings that might bring that same euphoria

Life giving sustained purposeful connection

The enrichment of intimacy sidestepped

Mornings evenings day in and day out

How does this escape an open heart so full of gratitude

Life perhaps what others fail to see

The cast of life that isn’t me    

Inhuman States


The many faces of the world’s States ugly in diverse description

Collectively festering diseased in acute terminal atrocity

Supported by brainwashed societies in pathetic darkness

Bipolar psychopathic leadership politicized and polarizing its people

The wisdom and teachings of the great masters in history forgotten unknown

The irony of the constant strife of a land less than holy

Schizophrenic nightmares from sleeping with the enemy repeatedly

Prostituting its citizens in war through half-truths lies that murder and maim

Minus any conscience of control and obedience

Allegiance to power unsettling

The privileged controlling and abusing the disabled and vulnerable

Twisted minds and elevated stature of ugliness that pits good against evil

Selfish riches who game one another for sport and ego centered authority

Planting self-edifying statues in glorification seeking ventures

No penance to the loyal patrons for dirty work accomplished unscathed

The people revolution must unite and prevail through truth mindful empowerment

A strong belief in the human spirit

Skills that respect attract foster gratitude for humanity with magnetism and contagion